Zakir Naik & Untrustworthy Hypocrite Syed Saddiq Are Now BFF - Who the heck is Saddiq to tell millions of Malaysians to Forget Everything - The Coverage

Zakir Naik & Untrustworthy Hypocrite Syed Saddiq Are Now BFF – Who the heck is Saddiq to tell millions of Malaysians to Forget Everything

Based on the number of negative comments on social media, it seems that PPBM (Bersatu) is not only a racist and an incompetent party, but also an organization that is increasingly untrustworthy. And there’s a new man (actually a boy) who has given the party a black eye – a certification of approval – that all its leaders, from the youngest to the oldest, are not to be trusted.

PPBM is the only party in the ruling coalition Pakatan Harapan that has both the oldest leader (Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad) and the youngest minister (Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman). The oldest man is 94-year-old while the youngest boy is 26-year-old. Make no mistake. Despite their age differences, both can be hardly trusted.

Just 10 days ago (August 14), minorities Chinese and Hindus in the country found a young hero, or so they thought, when Syed Saddiq stood up for them. Calling for the deportation of Zakir Naik, the minister declared – “An attack against our Chinese and Indian brothers and sisters is an attack against all Malaysians. It is ridiculous to even think that my fellow Malaysians are my guests.”

Mr. Saddiq, a bachelor whom was previously rumoured to be in some sort of romance with Mahathir’s granddaughter, was offended after Indian Muslim preacher Zakir Naik, a permanent resident of Malaysia, ignorantly said the Malaysian Chinese aren’t born in the country so they, as the “old guests”, must go back to China first before he (the “new guest”) can be asked to leave.

Zakir, the controversial fugitive preacher accused of spreading hate speech, laundering money, and funding terrorism by the Indian government, but is being protected by the Malaysian government, had also accused the Hindus in Malaysia were more loyal to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi than to Malaysian leader Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

With a young leader like Syed Saddiq who could talk sense without looking at the issue through racial lenses, the ethnics Chinese and Indians thought the country might have a bright future after all. They were willing to ignore the half-senile PM Mahathir, who has been making so many flip-flops that nobody cares to keep track anymore on the number of U-turns the old man had made.

And the Malaysian prime minister had the cheek to laugh and mock President Donald Trump’s infamous flip-flopping over trade negotiations between the U.S. and China. Actually, Mahathir administration is worse than the Trump presidency. At least this is Donald Trump’s first time as president. Mahathir had previously ruled for 22 years as prime minister from 1981 to 2003.

Comically, it would take only 10 days for the young Saddiq to make a massive jaw-dropping U-turn. All it took was a dinner for the fugitive preacher Zakir Naik to charm and influence the inexperienced dumb minister into accepting his extremism and racism view of the local Chinese and Hindus. The most insulting part was when Saddiq told the minorities to “move on” as if nothing had happened.

Defending Zakir, the despicable Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq sent his message to Instagram – “No one is free from making mistakes. Zakir Naik has apologised. I myself have made mistakes many times and we must accept being reprimanded with an open heart. There’s no need to beat our chest and make things worse. Let’s move on. The country needs healing!”

Perhaps the same hate preacher could try mocking and insulting the minorities on other topics too, such as telling the Chinese and Hindus to obediently surrender their vernacular schools and identities to prove their loyalty, and when uproars explode again, he can easily apologise claiming ignorance and continue to be pardoned by the silly Saddiq and his boss Mahathir.

Zakir’s apology was not genuine to begin with as he has shown very little remorse. If his apology was genuine, it means he had made a mistake. But if he had made a mistake, how could be defiantly demand apology and monetary compensation from Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P. Ramasamy, Klang Member of Parliament Charles Santiago and two others?

In the same breath, how could Syed Saddiq claim on behalf of the people that they believe in moderation over extremism when the same extreme preacher whom he had despised 10 days ago suddenly becomes his BFF (best friend forever) after a round of dinner? Who the heck is Saddiq to tell millions of Chinese and Hindus to forget everything and move on with a snap of a finger?

The naive young minister probably thought he could insult the people’s intelligence because he was a three-time winner of the Asian British Parliamentary Debating Championship. But based on the negative comments on MalaysiaKini portal, it appears people are angrier with Minister Syed Saddiq than hate preacher Zakir Naik – suggesting that critics hate a traitor more than an extremist.

People understood why Zakir, a religious radical and an extremist, says what he said. After all, he is a foreigner who could claim ignorance over local politics and sensitivity of ethnic minorities. But Syed Saddiq is the country’s elected Member of Parliament. His conscious was clear when he told all and sundry that Zakir must be deported and the Chinese and Hindus were his brothers.

It is absolutely unacceptable and unforgivable for Saddiq to backstab his self-proclaimed Chinese and Hindu brothers in less than 2 weeks. Was he such a weak young leader that he possesses zero integrity, zero principle, zero honesty and zero courage? At the very least, he should display neutrality and leave the fate of Zakir to the police. But score some cheap brownie points he must.

As a matter of fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the Chinese and Hindus now hate Syed Saddiq more than “Black Shoe” Education Minister Maszlee Malik. Although Maszlee is an empty vessel, he is quite adorable because his clueless face is quite amazing. The oblivious education minister wasn’t a backstabber and a hypocrite, at least not by Syed Saddiq’s standard.

Yes, like PM Mahathir, who had made a shameful U-turn two days ago and said the hate preacher can continue staying in the country, despite agreeing earlier that Zakir has indeed ventured into “racial politics”, Syed Saddiq has done the same. But unlike Mahathir, who didn’t give a fake impression of protecting the minorities, Saddiq happily betrays his brothers with empty rhetorics and fake commitment.

To add salt into injury, he invited Zakir whom he had condemned to his house for a round of fine dining as if the hate preacher was a VVIP before showing off on social media – lecturing the minorities who were hurt to move on. Exactly what message was he trying to send by rewarding a preacher who had inspired countless terrorists and suicide bombers with a nice dinner?

Poor Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador must be squirming because his boss – PM Mahathir – keeps shifting goalposts and flip-flopping. Before the police could even start interrogating Zakir’s provocative remarks which could lead to racial riots, Mahathir opened his mouth and said the preacher had participated in racial politics hence his permanent resident status could be revoked.

Similarly, before the police could finish their investigation, Mahathir has once again pre-empted the police of his desired outcome – Zakir will not be deported. Perhaps Syed Saddiq could advise PM Mahathir to grant the hate preacher citizenship, appoint him as a Senator and award him with a powerful Minister of Religion position to help swing all the Malay Muslim voters.

With a bro like Syed Saddiq, clearly the minorities do not need enemies? A spineless minister like him can become a cheerleader at one moment only to treacherously backstab you within the next 10 days. He might have a pretty face, but he’s actually worse than UMNO racists and PAS extremist combined. At least, those people in UMNO and PAS were open about being racists and extremists.

But one should not be surprised how Minister Syed Saddiq can be easily devoured by a snake oil salesman like preacher Zakir Naik. After all, this is the same boy who naively believed AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes was a hero who was strong-armed into endorsing and sucking up to former Prime Minister Najib Razak. At such a young age, it’s a waste Saddiq becomes so untrustworthy.

Source : Finance Twitter

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